Why is makeup sex better

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Plus, in healthy relationships, the communications skills needed to resolve a fight are the same ones you can use to have mind-blowing sex. If possible, your arguments should be kept civil — after all, you love this woman. This leads to a racing heart, a hyped-up mood, and yes, possible addiction.

Why is makeup sex better

Endorphins work to provide a number of effects to the body, and building a foundation of anger and sex will inevitably leave you feeling one or the other just a little bit stronger. If the bond is still in pretty good shape, make-up sex can help ease the wounds caused by words. Anger mixed with love makes passion — which means that the sex is going to be better, just based on core details.

Why is makeup sex better

Why is makeup sex better

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  1. Please note that I am definitely not trying to encourage you to scream and shout at your partners.

    Sex produces a bonding hormone. Well, the endorphins produce a sense of euphoria and calm.

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