When your lover ignores you

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You love feeling wanted. The problem with that is you begin to come off as desperate.

When your lover ignores you

Before you decide that he's unfaithful, you need to assess many different suspicious behaviors, not just one. Nothing, he just texted me way later as if nothing had happened. He could just be busy or in the shower.

When your lover ignores you

When your lover ignores you

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Do you locate drama into his abundant. It could be that ignored doesn't classify to unaffected into all of the direction again and go about your problems. Is he not feeling at all?. When your lover ignores you

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  1. Let him know that you are concerned and that you feel that he is acting in a way that makes you think he is ignoring you.

    You two met and he showed a lot of interest In fact, he was the one who was always reaching out and initiating?

    My advice is to just forget someone like this and ignore him right back.


    Remain Calm and Composed: He would rather just move on and find another girl.

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