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Related to wheeling and dealing: Nothing gets done on Capitol Hill without a lot of wheeling and dealing. You need to cool it with the wheeling and dealing and just let the process work as it is supposed to.

Wheeling urban dictionary

You have to wheel and deal a little. This expression is often used to show that you think someone is behaving dishonestly.

Wheeling urban dictionary

Wheeling urban dictionary

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    He still wheels and deals around the globe. They detail how to use all available tools in order to fully participate in the world and to enjoy travel activities.

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    Confessions of a Capitol Hill Operator Baker recounts his relationships with senators and other politicians who helped him prosper, offering portraits of Robert Kerr and Lyndon Johnson Bobby Baker, 5 Wheeling And Dealing Ella has lived in the East End of London all her life and when her husband is determined to move to Epsom to be near the racecourse he frequents and loves, Ella's refusal to move with him breaks up their marriage.

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