What men find attractive in a woman physically

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Smiling females equate to agreeable ones and are therefore more attractive. It's the most important part in my opinion.

What men find attractive in a woman physically

But some guys actually admit that this is the number one thing that they look for in women, and a nice nose really turns them on. As one Reddit user admits, the most attractive part of a woman for him is: And as one Reddit user admits, there is no feature on a woman's body that attracts him more:

What men find attractive in a woman physically

What men find attractive in a woman physically

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  1. A flat stomach can be beautiful in the way that complements other parts of the body as well.

    Those little dimples in the small of the back, just above her [butt]. Another study found that men prefer women who are moderately neurotic because that indicates that the women will worry about the welfare of their children and therefore be better mothers.

    Healthy hair The longer, shinier and fuller the better — off to the hairdresser we go, blow dries all round! Some of the most stunning eyes in the world are colored, but darker eyes can also be attractive.

    Because hair grows slowly, shoulder-length hair reveals several years of a woman's health status. Venus is, of course, the Roman goddess of love and is considered to be the most beautiful god in their culture.

    In fact, few men even realize that they are looking for women that are most capable of producing children because that is a subconscious desire that would probably terrify most men if they even considered it. Some of them even like to smell a woman's hair, of feel it brush their skin when a girl tosses their hair around playfully.

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