Waze points system cheat

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So if you are editting 8 hours a day, yes there are people doing that, brings you Certainly not the quickest time across the country, but with no real stops except for food, restroom, and fuel, my friend and I felt a bit accomplished. We put another miles on the car, just in California.

Waze points system cheat

However, Waze chooses the best route for you not only based on distance but also based on current traffic conditions. If you are NOT in a rank Self-Managed country and you have met the criteria for promotion, please contact Waze Support to request promotion. I also like to compare my 'score' on Waze's scoreboard within the app.

Waze points system cheat

Waze points system cheat

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  1. Your score is a number based off how much you use Waze. Editors of any Rank can be granted AM rights, however in some countries there may be a minimum requirement before Area Managers are approved.

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    That gives you a much better feeling That's what I tell my wife when I don't get the honey do list done.

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