Vocal tonality

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It was at this point that The Art of Charm Podcast was born. There are vocal tonality exercises that you can practice that will "teach" you to vary these proportions, so you can change your tone quality as you desire. Once you learn to do this, your voice will be rich in tone quality, and balanced through your entire range.

Vocal tonality

They lead with a strong presence and a confident voice that commands attention. It's the notch in your neck Follow The Art of Charm on social media:

Vocal tonality

Vocal tonality

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  1. These swallowing muscles are the main cause of vocal tension, and strain. Once you learn how to breathe correctly, your best voice will come through.

    From the above exercises, use your chest voice to aid in this.

    Especially with stories , this builds suspense and engages the listener.

    Pause not only at the end of sentences, but in the middle of them as well. Following these simple tips — loud, low, direct, and slow — will have a huge impact on the amount of attraction you can build in a woman just by talking to her.

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