Vaginal bleeding after black man sex

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In more advanced stages of cervical cancer, you may experience: Lochia Bleeding that occurs four to six weeks after delivering a baby is known as lochia.

Vaginal bleeding after black man sex

If the blockage is particularly severe, you may develop amenorrhea , or a complete lack of menstruation. You may not have symptoms with a missed miscarriage. From about the fourth day onward, the lochia changes from red to pink or brown in color.

Vaginal bleeding after black man sex

Vaginal bleeding after black man sex

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  1. Diagnosis methods For some women, medical history and physical examination are enough for the doctor to be able to diagnose the cause of the irregular bleeding.

    Vaginal discharge in early cancer may be white or clear, watery, or foul smelling.

    In rare cases, black discharge may be a sign of cervical cancer. The bleeding may start out as a heavy red flow with small clots and slow within a few days.

    If the flow is especially slow, the blood may even turn dark brown or black.

    Others find that symptoms are cyclical and occur in place of an expected menstrual cycle.

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