Types of penis piercing

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Until the piercing is fully healed it will offer an open wound that leaves your penis more susceptible to infections and STDs. Psychosocial adjustment of college students with tattoos and piercings.

Types of penis piercing

Personality and misconduct correlates of body modification and other cultural deviance markers. Body piercing, tattooing, self-esteem, and body investment adolescent girls.

Types of penis piercing

Types of penis piercing

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  1. At each of these arms are opposite each other where needed openings through which one after the round pressed glans become less sensitive to an acute kapfernen pin; formerly was used for this purpose a pointed bamboo sticks. With the advent of Piercing Fans International Quarterly in , information about genital piercings became available to a wider community.

    Genital piercings nowadays have a growing demand, especially in a young adult, college-aged population.


    Many men and women of the Victorian royalty chose to receive nipple and genital piercings. The bamboo and the clamp is removed by means of a cord attached to pin left in the opening until the channel is healed.

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