Two old farts having sex

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Any guilt I might have felt was blunted by lust and the deep, improbable certainty that I'd love this man forever. Lorna Crozier has received numerous awards for her poetry, including the Governor-General's Award. It was the first they knew of it.

Two old farts having sex

Who wants to know when we get it going we're revved up, like the first time - honest - like the first time, if only we could remember it our old bodies doing what you know bodies do, worn and beautiful and shameless. I wondered, then, why I could no longer turn the air blue with poetry.

Two old farts having sex

Two old farts having sex

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  1. For most of my 30s, when menopause was merely a distant Latinate abstraction, I lived in Saskatoon.

    Every night we wound around each other like twins in a womb who needed the smell and warmth of one another to survive. Patrick has made me promise not to read the poem when he's in the audience.

    We stopped at Lake Winnipeg and wrote letters to our spouses telling them we wouldn't be coming back. We were at a summer school of the arts in Saskatchewan, and though we were married to other people, he had moved into my room and stayed there for the week.

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