Traits of emotional abusers

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You are made to feel incompetent and stupid, even when you have done your best. In time, it becomes a pattern and your own wants and needs will fall by the wayside.

Traits of emotional abusers

Rather than listening to you, she starts yelling and complaining that you never listen to her and that you only care about yourself. You know you rarely feel loved, but she claims you are off your rails and unappreciative of the good treatment you receive.

Traits of emotional abusers

Traits of emotional abusers

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  1. These three things seem to indicate that your abuser is in a mental conflict with themselves, and those of us who have suffered at their hands are just victims of their own deficiencies.

    The one person whose good opinion matters most to you refuses to give you a morsel of praise or support. And the argument your partner presents is so compelling, you start to believe it yourself.

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