Townsville call girl

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The discovery of the children follows a four-year police search for the missing trio. Friends of the mother and children, who can't be named to protect their identity, have supported Mrs Watter since her disappearance.

Townsville call girl

State Emergency Services helicopters have been dispatched and are surveying the area to help find the child. A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman said the young girl had drowned. Australia Twin girls from Townsville who went missing four years ago have been found safe and well.

Townsville call girl

Townsville call girl

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  1. The children's grandmother, Heather Doubleday, said she was relieved to hear from her daughter after four years of silence.

    Townsville emergency services and locals search for a missing girl near Black River. Australia Twin girls from Townsville who went missing four years ago have been found safe and well.

    However, by the time the findings were released Mrs Watter and the children were missing.

    Police said in that they did not fear for the safety of the children in the care of their mother.

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