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Kidnapped by Kaid, Delilah's mission as a decoy is near completion, but when she finds herself attracted to the very man she's supposed to deceive, will Delilah lose control and risk her very life in the process? Delilah Canterbury has been striving to make her own way for a long time.

Sylvi body

Shortly after her appointment, media attention centered on her decision to keep secret her list of clients during her time in the job. Substitute member of the parliament for Oslo.

Sylvi body

Sylvi body

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  1. She also lowered government subsidies to farmers, who receive one of the highest government subsidies in the world, according to the OECD. She has advocated "zero tolerance" on crime, more visible police, and said that integration has to become better by having stricter demands on people who move to Norway, combined with a more restrictive immigration policy.


    Substitute member of the parliament for Oslo. Abducting this innocent woman will give him the leverage he desperately needs to end the continuing massacres and bring peace to his clan.

    This will prohibit them from running off and eventually getting involved in criminal activity. Delilah Canterbury is on her first solo spy mission for King James in 17th-century Scotland

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