Shyness in teens

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Don't, however, turn into your child's social director. Childhood friendships often develop by chance: Accept that each member of a family has a slightly different temperament and her own way of dealing with the world.

Shyness in teens

Be True to Yourself We can't change our true inner nature and who would want to? Here are some danger signs to watch out for:

Shyness in teens

Shyness in teens

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  1. Or she may be a little less or more mature than her peer group -- maybe she doesn't want to read the same magazines or talk about who's dating whom.

    It's also influenced by behaviors they've learned, the ways people have reacted to their shyness, and life experiences they've had. If your child chooses to do things on her own, don't make her feel inadequate.

    Practicing social skills — like assertiveness ; conversation; and friendly, confident body language — can help people overcome shyness, build confidence, and get more enjoyment from everyday experiences. Why doesn't my child have any friends?


    One child may be extremely social and another may be just as happy to have one or two close friends and spend more time at home.

    Accept that each member of a family has a slightly different temperament and their own way of dealing with the world.

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