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The Power of Positive Education At schools and companies alike, we are sometimes taught to think: Restoring a Culture of Confidence Confidence, trust and job satisfaction are at historic lows.

Shawn achor

The Power of Positive Education At schools and companies alike, we are sometimes taught to think: Based on the science of positive psychology and case studies of working with companies in the midst of an economic collapse, Shawn provides practical applications for raising the belief that individual behavior matters and helping leaders to keep teams motivated and engaged. This formula is scientifically backward.

Shawn achor

Shawn achor

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  1. If we can just find that great job, win that next promotion, happiness will follow. Linking Positive Brains to Performance Most companies and schools follow this formula:

    By demonstrating how happiness is a choice, we can help students not only cultivate positive habits and mindsets, but achieve higher levels of success as a result.

    As we strive to help the world become more open and connected, remaining positive and grateful for meaningful and productive relationships is essential!

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