Share your feelings online

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The best part of the social media portal is that it is a dual identity network where you have a platform to speak your heart out with the option of being Anonymous. Let's say you feel nervous.

Share your feelings online

By sharing your feelings and emotions with others, you are being proactive, and allowing them to understand and become aware of your side of the story. Stress, anger, sadness, and similar emotions need an outlet.

Share your feelings online

Share your feelings online

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However, there are several space that keep the app from being top-notch. Tech so will improve you to express a original amount of assertiveness, and will further you to have your originally met.
Can you name some more. Facing allows you to therapy experiences and bond.

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  1. Doing so will allow you to express a proper amount of assertiveness, and will allow you to have your needs met.


    I'm hoping that the vent team will see my complaint soon and address it, and I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem.


    Keeping your feelings inside can build up stress and be a lot to carry, letting go of that can be a huge weight off of your chest! This recent update was supposed to fix bugs, but I have been having these issues for the longest time.

    Sharing allows you to compare experiences and bond. Make sure they are people you can trust.

    It helps us feel better when we're sad or scared.

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