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Lectures, films, and discussions. Summary of Services To health care providers: We answer our phone in person from 9 to 10 AM on weekdays.

Sex9x com

Sex Education Telephone consultation is available to other professionals and the general public, Monday through Friday, 9: Sex Therapy and Sexuality Counseling At Seattle Institute certified and licensed clinicians serve couples and individuals with diverse sexuality concerns. Homework is typically assigned and is necessary to achieve and maintain significant change.

Sex9x com

Sex9x com

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  1. We can also help clients who simply want to enhance an already satisfactory sex life.


    In general, we are supportive of all expressions of sexuality which are not self-destructive or exploitative of others. Welcome to Seattle Institute!

    We answer our phone in person from 9 to 10 AM on weekdays.

    Workshops are presented for both professionals and the general public, typically in co-sponsorship with a business, agency, or educational program.

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