Proper sprinting form

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Good sprinting technique has some of the following characteristics 1: As with the other points, the width of your hands again will be determined by where you feel most comfortable.

Proper sprinting form

Take care not to overextend your stride as you will not be able to produce as much force during ground contact and will be more susceptible to injury. The focus switches to trying to maintain maximum velocity through sound technique, which will help limit the rate at which deceleration occurs during the remainder of the race. This is true too for games players in situations such as one on one duels to reach the ball or when an attacker is trying to outrun a defender.

Proper sprinting form

Proper sprinting form

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  1. Acceleration and Maximum Velocity An athlete begins a sprint by accelerating, then depending on the distance they run for will transition into maximum velocity sprinting.


    The genetic makeup of an athlete may bless them with natural speed, but without working on proper sprinting mechanics an athlete will never reach his or her full potential.

    If you have any questions for Liam you can contact him by email: Let your doctor know if you have had any foot, leg or back injuries that may interfere with sprinting correctly.

    Track sprinters will accelerate from a dead start where they are not moving, whereas a games athlete, such as a rugby player, is likely to already be in motion.

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