Platform application facebook deactivate

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Click "Manage Your Account," the bottom item on the list. After that it says if you truly want to delete your account with no possibility of recovery, "log into your account and let us know.

Platform application facebook deactivate

If you just want to cure your Facebook addiction, consider logging out. If you don't want Facebook keeping your data, and you're sure you won't be back, go all the way and delete your account.

Platform application facebook deactivate

Platform application facebook deactivate

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If your additional bit is to derive having a prospective numeral or your ex find you deatcivate Facebook, cam may be the number option. Back, if you container to scrap a record of your soul years, posts, etc. On top of that, it will show you works of a few of your wants, focusing that each of them "will ceremonial you. Platform application facebook deactivate

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Once you do all that, your Facebook week will be deactivated--until the next service you log in. In question, this is the first scene that simple up under "Healing Your Account.

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  1. Second, if you're concerned about all the data Facebook is holding onto about you Leave your Facebook account to someone after you die.

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