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I think it is the nature of the beast for the entry class to have stray light illuminate the eye piece outside of the exit pupil. To get a better view, you can Open the table in full-screen mode to view the full results which also contains all the 8x42 binoculars in this price range that I have tested. The Terra is clockwise and that seems to be the more popular direction of travel.


The Terra and Endeavor have noticeably less. FOV is there and it is noticeable.



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  1. This is achieved by unscrewing the cover on the front hinge and then screwing in the adapter in its place.

    Also, remember that these seals also protect small particles like dust from entering the system in dry conditions.

    At 18mm and in combination with their quality, multi-position eyecups, it really does make these a fantastic option for eyeglass wearers.

    The Endeavor showed slightly less stray light when looking at the eye pieces and the Terra a little less again.

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