Moriset park

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Morisset Hospital facilities are not accessible to the public so please don't enter the hospital grounds. You can approach them without problem, because they are used to humans

Moriset park

Subscribe to our Naturescapes e-newsletter which is packed with the latest information, experiences and events in NSW national parks. This is not a closed Park and is free to go because they are 'free' kangaroos, so it does not have surveillance, but van that brings you the train towards the place and points you to it is strictly forbidden to feed the kangaroos.

Moriset park

Moriset park

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  1. Another thing I saw several people doing fluff is get close or even touch kangaroos, including adult males and mothers with babies! Remember to pack your binoculars if you want to go bird watching for sea eagles and cormorants For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info Promotional:

    For seeing what happens there, no doubt that before long the Government prohibits people from going to this place, sadly: First because they can do it damage to their stomachs, and second, because they are aggressive.

    You can approach them without problem, because they are used to humans

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