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Sort of an interesting thing. There was a lot of people there. Laughter So, although it's possible that most of these things are fake or illusions or so on, and that some of them are real, it's more likely that all of them are fake, like the crop circles.

Michael shermer ted talk

Music with lyrics If there's a bustle in your hedgerow don't be alarmed now. First of all, there was no theory of planetary rings.

Michael shermer ted talk

Michael shermer ted talk

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  1. There's nothing to test. I brought this with me, this was given to us by NBC Dateline to test.

    And unless you've been on Mars recently, you know there's a lot of that out there. By the way, the whole business of talking to the dead is not that big a deal.

    I actually went to see this one. It wasn't till Huygens had two things:

    I guess you can only have one miracle per building. And in all cases we have to ask — Laughter What's the more likely explanation?

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