Mens wedding band tungsten vs titanium

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Nonetheless, check with your local jeweler or medical facility if you have concerns. The majority of cobalt chrome wedding ring designers use this alloy formula for their rings, but it is possible to find cobalt wedding bands made with nickel — which can be an issue for those with nickel allergies. The PVD coating on our Black Tungsten wedding bands not only produces a handsome wedding band that is similar to the color of onyx, but it improves the material properties of these wedding bands by extending their service life through high wear resistance and low surface friction.

Mens wedding band tungsten vs titanium

In any situation where there might be a medical necessity to cut off or remove a tungsten ring--for instance excessive weight gain, hand injury, etc. Tungsten carbide rings are not indestructible. Mu hubby has a tungsten carbide ring he never takes off, and I have a titanium ring for only nighttime and chore wear.

Mens wedding band tungsten vs titanium

Mens wedding band tungsten vs titanium

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  1. With a tungsten ring you never have to worry about it bending out of shape. Because of the extreme hardness and durability of tungsten, tungsten wedding bands cannot be sized like gold, palladium or platinum rings, so please take extra care in determining the proper size.

    With its rich color, lustrous shine, and sleek new designs, black tungsten is one of the hottest looks in tungsten wedding bands and is proving to be a popular choice for brides and grooms wanting wedding bands that express their individuality. Cobalt is a pure element which, like tungsten, platinum, palladium, silver and titanium, is classified as a transition metal.

    Therefore, e- Wedding Bands will void the warranty if a ring is altered in any way, including sizing, drilling, stone setting, polishing, boiling, cleaning with harsh chemicals, soldering, burning, engraving by others, or showing evidence of obvious repeated physical abuse, such as striking with a hammer.

    Nonetheless, check with your local jeweler or medical facility if you have concerns. And if you like the suspended diamond look, then check out the black titanium tension set diamond rings.

    Black Ti will not fade or wear off. Dura Tungsten wedding bands are formulated with an exclusive patent-pending formula that combines tungsten and titanium for a lighter weight and the most durable tungsten formula to date.

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