Men who like curvy women

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This is a very clear indicator that the type of ideal female beauty which appeals to women generally is different from those which appeal to men. This study showed that from to , the number of new cases of anorexia nervosa increased by percent.

Men who like curvy women

Because we get warm weather more than half the year, we spend a lot of time outdoors, and sport is important. We like flat stomachs and lean bodies, but we love wide hips and a definite curvature in the rear.

Men who like curvy women

Men who like curvy women

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  1. Experts attribute this to popular media culture of celebrating being skinny as the standard of beauty. I don't agree with this trend.

    They want a petite woman who is slim and flat-chested. It's common for girls to get plastic surgery at age 15 or


    We wouldn't go for a petite woman with a big butt or a bigger girl with small boobs. We like flat stomachs and lean bodies, but we love wide hips and a definite curvature in the rear.

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