Mastermind episodes

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If contestants have the same score and number of passes, a five-question tiebreaker is played. During Magnus Magnusson's tenure as presenter, the trophy was specially manufactured by Caithness Glass.

Mastermind episodes

These questions had been written specifically to afford both standard and multiple-choice format in presentation. It was hosted by Peter Snow. The winner of the final of the BBC version is declared "Mastermind" for that year and is the only contestant to receive a prize, in the form of a cut-glass engraved bowl.

Mastermind episodes

Mastermind episodes

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  1. This convention has led to the programme's famous catchphrase , "I've started so I'll finish. If the contestant responds incorrectly, the questioner gives the correct answer before continuing to the next question; answers to passed questions are read out only after time has expired.

    In addition he holds the record for the highest ever score on Brain of Britain and has been a member of the Eggheads since that series debut. A special guest would always be invited to present the trophy to the winner, with the exception of the final edition in , in which Magnusson presented it himself.

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