Macleay island australia

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These are spots for fishing, swimming, sailing, picnicking and barbecues. Around the coastline there are breezes deterring these pests and they are no more a pesky than we used to put up with when we lived in Ferny Hills in Brisbane, or, Tallebugera on the Gold Coast - despite the hype. The crime rate is very low indeed and our Insurance premiums are cheaper accordingly.

Macleay island australia

Children walk in safety unaccompanied by adults and our community is secure. The small 'weekenders' going up aren't designed for good ventilation needed here in S.

Macleay island australia

Macleay island australia

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  1. The Ferry Terminal and foreshore was upgraded in by Redland City Council, providing a recreational boat ramp, parking, and beautification. The island has a skate park for the younger generation, which opened in

    Residents here are predominantly over 55 years with most being retired, often have a farming background or are from mainland country towns. There's also a dentist, doctor, chemist, and vet as well as the islands emergency services.

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