Lambretta scooter tattoos

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What the fuck was that? It was a medium sized club with a lot of thick dark tables with initial carved in them, and the smell of ale permeating the whole building.

Lambretta scooter tattoos

The Club a Go-Go was a shining star of the northern British club world, which meant it also had to be a den of iniquity. None was available resulting in a breach of licensing laws. The Jimi Hendrix Experience was an overwhelming, deafening wave of sound that simply obliterated analysis.

Lambretta scooter tattoos

Lambretta scooter tattoos

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  1. I remember Hendrix creating a hole in the plaster ceiling above the stage with the head of his guitar, and then it was over. And after that the artistic control or whatever you want to call it just went out of the window.

    That was near the bus station.

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