Jewish view of dating

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Who pays for each date? That includes the fun conversations, the tough ones, and yes, the awkward ones. This is Jewish dating with a difference!

Jewish view of dating

If we believe in equal pay in the workplace, and that it is important to share responsibilities on the home front, then why should it be any different when it comes to dating? But does our Ad Gal really want to date a guy who was so turned off by her making the first move? Just prior to her marriage ceremony she removes the nidah status, in accordance with Jewish law, by immersing herself in the waters of a mikveh a body of water used only for spiritual sanctification , and may then be approached by her husband.

Jewish view of dating

Jewish view of dating

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  1. I think in our community those conversations would be awkward as well. Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame in a recent interview talked about her experience paying for a date.

    Only a body properly clothed, not openly flaunted, is a fitting vessel for containing the true human beauty which lies beneath the surface of the physical self. True feminine beauty has little in common with the artificial image of beauty projected by American cosmetic firms, television screens and advertising industries.

    In order to master the fire of attraction rather than be consumed by it, Judaism teaches the virtue and value of tsnius or modesty. The notion that true beauty, allure or happiness is determined by the extent to which a girl approaches the ideal in a physical sense is so much deceptive nonsense.


    Not so awkward anymore.

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