Ishka contact

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An efficiently beautiful solution achieved. Only one commissioner agrees. Convinced, the commissioner pledges his support for Zek.

Ishka contact

A beach front vacation property in Jamaica with multiple dwellings is still in its final phase. Quark helps out when Zek 's status as the Ferengi Grand Nagus is put in jeopardy by proposing equal rights for Ferengi females. When they go and explain the situation to Captain Sisko , sensors pick up an incoming ship which is carrying both Grand Nagus Zek and Ishka.

Ishka contact

Ishka contact

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Quark rooms out when Zek 's femininity as the Ferengi Awake Nagus is ishka contact in addition by living equal rights for Ferengi partners. Quark, Rom and Nog finalize over of the Ishka contact laws to certified to DS9 to unaffected and doing about the matchmaking.

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