How to text a kissy face

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Believe me, he likes you; he really, really likes you. Well, that is what people who like each other do.

How to text a kissy face

In any case, this emoji is a sure sign that your relationship is getting serious. It is know that guys are lazy when it comes to texting, but if they like a person they are texting with there is no doubt that they will answer as quick as possible. And that is what they need right now, support, understanding and a good advice.

How to text a kissy face

How to text a kissy face

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  1. But I sent it anyway. How did we ever live our lives without this form of graphic and non-verbal communication?

    You'll notice that a guy will use this emoji after texting something that's a little too aggressive or flirtatious. Please go easy on me if I've ticked you off.

    Sometimes we can read their messages in a wrong way and mispronounce it in a different way and do not get a real point of what they were trying to say to us.

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