How to set up building profiles

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You can also choose the triangle icon on the top right corner of your personal Facebook account and then select Create a Page. If your business does have a physical location choose Storefront or Service Area. You can also easily repost tweets and Facebook posts that have performed well in the past and quickly edit the teaser text.

How to set up building profiles

Be sure to track your follower growth, what type of content performs the best, and how much traffic social media is driving to your website, and leading to sales. The key thing to remember for social media is to do what makes the most sense for your business.

How to set up building profiles

How to set up building profiles

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  1. This reason is why you need to limit your strategy to a select few tactics so that you can efficiently build links and get the most results from your plan! People are quickly browsing through their feed and need to be able to digest the information easily.

    This will help people get to know you and feel more connected.

    Push your profile updates just as easy — and always keep your followers up to date. If you have an online shop, use Facebook to showcase your products and offer any coupons or special deals.

    Once your accounts are set up, you can publicize them on your own website by adding sharing buttons or icons with direct links to your social media profiles.

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