How to make an elevator speech about yourself

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Here are a few tips on delivery as you practice: Express confidence Even the best elevator pitch can lose its effectiveness if your delivery lacks confidence. Keep this structure in the back of your mind and adapt your pitch for each person you give it to.

How to make an elevator speech about yourself

Ask a friend to help you practice out loud and give feedback to start polishing your speech. In line at the grocery store, at a cocktail party or networking event, maybe even in an actual elevator, the pitch can quickly help new contacts understand why they should connect with you or consider you when an opportunity arises.

How to make an elevator speech about yourself

How to make an elevator speech about yourself

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  1. A personal elevator pitch is a quick summary of yourself. If you get the sense at any point that the conversation is an inconvenience, use this opportunity to negotiate for a lesser ask.

    Your elevator pitch could the beginning of a new opportunity, so draft, review, refine and deliver with confidence.

    What do you do?

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