How should a person dress for an interview

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When in doubt, it is almost always better to err on the side of conservatism. Blends keep the price of a suit down, but they have more cons than pros — they breathe and last less, and, in most cases, look very cheap and unacceptable for formal events. By that, you can ensure its best fit since such suit will be made specially for you.

How should a person dress for an interview

The number of cuff buttons should be at least as many usually, four as those on the front of jacket. Before purchasing a suit though, make sure you have learned a few important things about suit selection, which will be discussed in the following sections.

How should a person dress for an interview

How should a person dress for an interview

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  1. For more casual workplaces, professional-looking casual job interview attire is appropriate. In order to make an ordinary solid-color suit brighter feel free to choose a striped herringbone or pink oxford dress shirts.

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