How does it feel to be a sociopath

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If there are any comorbidities, medication will often be prescribed. In discussing his own anger, he says, "

How does it feel to be a sociopath

Still, the unease that comes with knowing she could just as easily crack a joke as stab you in the back underscores how difficult a challenge she faces in convincing society to accept individuals like her, which is why she uses a pseudonym. A sociopath is incapable of feelings such as empathy, regret, and remorse.

How does it feel to be a sociopath

How does it feel to be a sociopath

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  1. If a patient is highly irritable or volatile, it might be helpful. Sources What is a Sociopath?

    During a phone interview, she is clever, thoughtful and incredibly likeable. A sociopath is alone in the world, apart from society and any interpersonal relation.

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