Grand rapids dating scene

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The accolades are no accident. It all depends on what that specific place offers. A general sense of commitment and trust, however, persists in Grand Rapids, perhaps rooted in those historically conservative values.

Grand rapids dating scene

Kara is a communications professional, writer, editor and blogger. The accolades are no accident.

Grand rapids dating scene

Grand rapids dating scene

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  1. The city of Grand Rapids operates an extensive parks system , as well, with 74 urban parks spanning just over 1, acres within the city limits. Here, you can find groups that meet regularly based on a common interest, like food, biking, urban farming or atheism.

    So perhaps that's biasing my opinions?

    Hiking , water , ski , regional paved and mountain bike trails wind through more than 6, acres of parkland and connect communities throughout the region. Is the arduous pursuit of a plus-one confined to local geography, or is it a generational or universal dilemma?

    I mean, it is , don't knock online dating until you've tried it.


    Instead, twenty-somethings are focused on achieving goals, career-related or otherwise, and further developing identity in the decade after high school, rather than pursuing the M. As far as meeting people, it depends on who you are as a person and how well you can get along with people, some people I know have a problem with it but I personally don't.

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