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Shad - In the area in which we live, the Shad runs and it is imperative to get it as soon as possible - before it too is gone. They are a treasure and if you have them in your life and can get local, well raised and grown fresh food, you know exactly what I mean. But my hope is that all of us start to think seriously about what we are using on a regular basis that is adding to the horrific trash and waste problem we have in the United States.

Foodist blog

Marinade them in good olive oil, salt and pepper, thyme and some red pepper flakes and cook them over the coals for a nice medium rare finish. But in the past year or so, the Peninsula's food culture has been totally transformed, with many new restaurants opening and a continuous stream of San Francisco restaurants coming south to open Peninsula outposts. We have a houseful of shopping bags, which has spilled over into our car as well so we are never in need of plastic bags.

Foodist blog

Foodist blog

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  1. Right now I am concentrating on the kitchen,and cooking and storing food, but obviously we need to examine other house systems and improve our practices in those as well. Just bend them and where they break is where they break.

    The Queen This is such a wonderful time of year to love to shop the markets, cook and eat.

    I hope it leads to more thinking and sharing about many Earth friendly options.

    Don't navigate this food boom hungry and alone! In a very short time I have fallen in love with these!

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