Flat earth shaq

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Unfortunately for Hughes, his launch was to take place on public land, and the Bureau of Land Management shut him down at the last minute. China is under us? It's been a big publicity year for flat-Earthers , who have gained celebrity backers, promised death-defying stunts in the name of their theory and held their first conference.

Flat earth shaq

Lies and cover-ups, they say. All those elegant models of a round Earth that perfectly explain seasons, eclipses, sunrises and sunsets?

Flat earth shaq

Flat earth shaq

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  1. The organizer of the conference told Live Science that about people attended. In October, he again floated the notion that the question of whether Earth is round is up for debate, saying he didn't know whether pictures of Earth from space were real.

    Flat-Earthers also argued, using flashlights and coins, that the moon's shadow should have been bigger than the moon itself. You mean to tell me that China is under us?

    Then, they're proof, duh, that the Earth is flat.

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