Fear episodes

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The three protagonists have to face and overcome their fears to defeat him. When a quincy with the power to incite primal fear in his opponents confronts the Sixth Division, there's an entire chapter devoted to what Byakuya himself is afraid of. The people dancing look like they're fighting, and two men almost do start a fight.

Fear episodes

Instead of being able to use the armor for good, he would use it for evil. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: This one also had a Face Your Fears theme.

Fear episodes

Fear episodes

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  1. Arashikasa

    The Doctor said Rory was seeing an exit because the Monster of the Week had no reason to target him because of his lack or fear or faith due to his centuries as the Last Centurion , and instead wanted him to escape.

    In " Nightmares " all the worst nightmares of Sunnydale residents come to life. Rory, rather than being shown a room, sees an exit.

    But when saw Yuli get hurt, he decided to push aside his fear , armored up, and defeated Dais.

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