Dating countdown widget facebook

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Step 4 Use the menu that appears to configure your app by entering a countdown date and optional message. Click the "Profile" link in the menu bar to see the countdown clock feature posted to your Wall.

Dating countdown widget facebook

Click the "Save" button to publish the ticker to your Facebook page. You can add a countdown counter to your Facebook page in anticipation of upcoming events. Otherwise, choose any of the other options if you'd like to post it elsewhere or in addition to posting it on your Facebook fan page.

Dating countdown widget facebook

Dating countdown widget facebook

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  1. When ready, click the "Add to My Page" link in the bottom, left corner to begin the installation process.

    Click the "TimeAndDate Countdown" app listing from the drop-down menu. On the next page, click the "Go to App" button and give the application permission when requested.

    While Facebook doesn't have a native countdown clock for you to install, plenty of third-party developers have created countdown apps that integrate into your profile. Navigate to "Countdown Generator for Facebook.

    Navigate to "Countdown Generator for Facebook.

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