Craigs list northern colorado

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If your sic out there and wanting to take a chance, I'm your guy, you won't be disappointed. In terms of what I'm after in a relationship, I'd like to be with someone I'd want to be friends with even if we weren't [a] couple.

Craigs list northern colorado

It would be nice if you share a photo but not required. If you're just not really compatible with someone sexually, it's harder to be close to them emotionally. Is for me, anyway

Craigs list northern colorado

Craigs list northern colorado

I'm 5'8" and in prospective-ish shape lol. I permission every now and then and go some. Craigs list northern colorado

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  1. He explains more of who he is and what he's looking for in his post, which you can read here.

    It would be nice if you share a photo but not required.

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