Cougar dating site reddit

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Next, send a fucking phenomenal message. Any women over 35 with a lower limit of around 26 is fair game.

Cougar dating site reddit

If they wanted a dude who spent all day smoking weed and playing video games, they'd fuck their 14 year old sons' friends joking. NOW, if any of you fine lads have any tips, anecdotes etc. Any women over 35 with a lower limit of around 26 is fair game.

Cougar dating site reddit

Cougar dating site reddit

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  1. A cougar I met on OKC messaged me once after a failed date, even though she never responded to my first message, so don't delete messages if you can. After spending about a year on OKC and having dated multiple "cougars," I thought to impart some of what I learned, and also learn from others.

    I wrote a lot of stuff that I am actually into, yet see often on other women's pages.

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