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In fact, if you get ConnectExplore you can also get the following bonuses all designed to help you with your online magic whatever that might be including selling your crafts, Amazon products, online memberships and more! Analytics Instead of spending time and money figuring out which Facebook interests are responsive now you can view the analytics.


Get ready to score all the leads and sales you can handle! This guide is filled with tips and ideas that will allow you to take your Facebook game to the next level. The built-in template library is already stocked with ideas to improve your marketing such as retargeting on desktop those who visited initially on mobile, something that makes a lot of sense in the context of E-Commerce conversion paths.



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  1. Watch the case study video below for all the details: You can now filter those results with a click and then update your Facebook account at the same time.

    Our interests were pre-analyzed for us. And we are constantly developing new tools to add to the Suite.

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