Circumsized and uncircumsized

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So why would we? Every female prefers a circumcised male. In fact, women who experience a boost in pleasure after their partners get circumcised often credit the change to an increase in cleanliness.

Circumsized and uncircumsized

My first run-in with an uncircumcised penis made me realize I never wanted to jerk off a circumcised one again. It turned out that from that group, every single woman who had experienced both preferred uncut for the feeling. And uncut is like a surprise inside.

Circumsized and uncircumsized

Circumsized and uncircumsized

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  1. At first, a few loud guys set the consensus that cut is better and uncut is weird, but then a girl spoke up that uncut feels better, and then a few agreed with her one even sounded wistful.

    Its a really nice changeā€¦the head is just out there all the time..! The uncircumcised was the worst lover fathomable.

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