China nonverbal communication

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Unlike in the United States, pointing is done with the entire hand rather than one finger. If you do, it is considered very rude.

China nonverbal communication

The Chinese people value a slower, less aggressive approach, and would prefer to slowly conceptualize an idea before commenting on it. Teachers would make a choral presentation in nursery schools instead of requiring students to do recitals on their own.

China nonverbal communication

China nonverbal communication

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  1. Space Minimal physical contact is much preferred but in the public area, it is accepted that crowds force people close together leaving no personal space.

    Additionally, to beckon someone to approach you in China, the gesture is a hand extended toward the person with the palm down, moving the fingers back and forth. You should express it in different way.

    To understand why Chinese behave and talk the way they do, it is paramount that we understand the factors that affect how they communicate. This gesture is used in informal situations.

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