C/consolidating debt direct 16 txt 16

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In some cases, CWS owners have entered into trust agreements with the local government in which the system is located. The PSC recognized that some small water systems are facing significant financial and operational obstacles, and acknowledged that these systems are not always easily acquired by larger systems.

C/consolidating debt direct 16 txt 16

In other cases, the CWS owners have used non- government trustees. In addition, the many different types of water entities in Oregon domestic water supply districts, people's utilities districts, water authorities or joint water and sanitary authorities, and water control and improvement districts can enter into cooperative agreements with each other and can merge and consolidate. Currently in the process of being updated to reflect recent regulatory changes i.

C/consolidating debt direct 16 txt 16

C/consolidating debt direct 16 txt 16

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  1. In addition, a new system must submit a Water System Management Plan that includes an assessment of consolidation or interconnection with other systems including a cost and benefit comparison.

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