Caroline springs victoria australia

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Unfortunately due to development over the past 15 years, these species are now rarely seen in the area. Houses in this area can also take advantage of Westwood Dr which is less busy than CS Blvd although this may change when they finish the road extension. It was planned under the concepts of street hierarchy and has just one main arterial, Caroline Springs Boulevard, which feeds into both the Deer Park Bypass and the Western Highway in the south and connects to Melbourne via either the Western Ring Road or the Princes Highway.

Caroline springs victoria australia

There are also a few kangaroos, several located in the endangered grassland bordered by Holland Way and College Street. Flora and fauna[ edit ] Main article: Many species of birds are also returning to the creeks and lakes.

Caroline springs victoria australia

Caroline springs victoria australia

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  1. It is expected that the Kororoit Creek Trail will eventually be linked up to Caroline Springs providing cyclists with an off-road path all the way to Sunshine and onto the Melbourne CBD.

    Flora and fauna[ edit ] Main article:

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