Carey gully

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The older settlements in Carey Gully are located down smaller gullies where soil was suitable for agriculture. Simply move in and enjoy, or for those with a vision, add your own personal flair and reap the rewards for years to come — The opportunities are endless!

Carey gully

A Rare Find - This picturesque and secluded acreage offers an idyllic tree change with close proximity to the city. Public transport to Carey Gully is provided by the Adelaide Metro. Greenhill Road is the main route through the town, upon which the hub of the township is located, but in the past much of the town's major establishments were located on adjacent Deviation Road.

Carey gully

Carey gully

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  1. The decline of the town has seen it become a much more quiet, idyllic location, attracting people from nearby Adelaide. Recent decades have seen the decline of the Carey Gully township, with the closure of the general store which also sold petrol.

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