Capricorn and gemini sexually

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The strangest thing in this combination of the signs is in the fact they will both probably consider each other boring. Gemini knows a little about a lot of things and has a very keen mind. Gemini men have a lighter attitude towards life and they want their life to be humor filled, whereas Capricorn women have a serious attitude towards life, and they want their life to be based on strong foundations.

Capricorn and gemini sexually

It is a good thing that Gemini always wants to learn new things and Capricorn likes routine and dedication, so they have a strong base for constructive studying and problem solving. When it comes to sex, these horoscope signs have completely different opinions and desires.

Capricorn and gemini sexually

Capricorn and gemini sexually

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  1. Yes, everyone would say Capricorn can be boring and Gemini is so interesting and fun, but actually, the lack of focus and deep feelings Gemini partner usually suffers from, is a huge turn off for Capricorn.

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