Can you sell sex toys in alabama

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So if a woman wants a battery-operated friend that actually resembles her husband, she will have to drive to Florida or Louisiana. We wanted them to know we have alternatives. In , the 11th U.

Can you sell sex toys in alabama

The mood is mostly light, with friends giggling as they browse shelves full of rubber and plastic playthings. The judge, lawyers, a court reporter and a videographer toured the store to help determine if the store is an adult-only business. Deputy Attorney General L.

Can you sell sex toys in alabama

Can you sell sex toys in alabama

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  1. She mentioned that most people do not learn about sex in schools or from their parents. Among other things, the law banned the sale of products intended for sexual stimulation.

    Check out below to see what you may be guilty of! There are a few exemptions to the Alabama law, however.

    This is not the only law that can have effect on your love life. But the attorney general's office has never prosecuted a store for selling to a customer who said the purchase was for one of the approved reasons.

    Supreme Court refused to hear the case in , ending Williams' challenge. In this technology-savvy north Alabama city, visitors won't just find burgers and prescriptions at the drive-thru window.

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