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It was a wonder how he could be two different people yet it was within the same body. I do not own Gundam Seed Destiny nor anything that is under their namesake.


She reached Cagalli's quarters and knocked softly and Kira appeared in front of her. She sighed heavily, she would shed no more tears for Athrun, and they were now reserved for those who died in Orb.



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  1. This is one of many difficult situations Cagalli is placed in as she has to struggle with her father Uzumi's legacy, her own coming of age, and her own goals and desires. In MS combat, Cagalli is seen as a decent mid-range combatant, but needed an AI program to assist her during her first sortie with the Strike Rouge.

    She sighed as she let all of her emotions write onto the page and once she ended it…the ring Athrun gave her slipped into the envelope. Piloting the Akatsuki, Cagalli resumes her position as Orb's leader and orders the arrest of Yuna.

    When her fears are justified and she discovers that there really were new mobile suits built by Morgenroete she is upset by this, enough for her legs to cave in as she asks out loud how her father could betray them, Kira merely stands to the side, baffled at her outburst. This is ironically in contrast to her lover Athrun Zala, who has a penchant for hand-to-hand MS combat.

    This is first shown when Athrun gives Cagalli a hug and apologizes to her, in episode

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