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Bridgestone will select the site and secure the lease. Is previous experience in tyres required to become a franchisee?

Bridgestone pinkenba

This is an important factor in the success of our stores. In the event of damage, all Bridgestone tyres purchased in Australia from an authorised dealer can be assessed under our manufacturer warranty.

Bridgestone pinkenba

Bridgestone pinkenba

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  1. What is Bridgestone's Manufacturer Warranty? Where a claim is being made with tyres under 50, km, a pro-rata credit will be applied.


    Unlike many franchise systems Bridgestone does not charge a separate marketing levy.

    Ultimately however, you must satisfy yourself as to the suitability of the premises, Bridgestone cannot assit with finance, however, Bridgestone Select is a recognised franchisor with ANZ bank.

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